By Jeff Roberts
Casey Muratori
Look, ‘old world charm‘ means the light switch is in the shower.
Asburgers. Bounced checks. 7/11. iPhone. Passwords with a 9 at the end. Lexus dealership. AT&T. Penis massage robot. Directions on Microsoft. Microsoft Songsmith. Flowers. Bontanical glory holes. RealTouch. Sascha Gray. Ashlynn Brook. Motion capture. The WonderBoner. Fishing. Beer. Caulk. The ProCaulk. Selling your daughter. Contract law. Memoirs of a Geisha. White trash goodies. The WonderMullet. Mullets. Problem Solvers. Ubuntu. Verizon. Toe fingers. Good/No good. Old world charm. Hot yoga. Kilts. Upskirts. Bagpipes.
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