By Jeff Roberts
Casey Muratori
So, driving tips for the Jeff and Casey Show: A) Jeff can hit you, B) fat guy goes in the trunk.
Green popsicles. Christmas morning. Electron microscopes. Rick Astle. Brothels. Poland. Burt and Ernie. Burt-tipped condoms. Strip clubs. Porn and Pancakes. Condom suffocation. Condom eyeholes. Barney Frank. The Big Three auto manufaturers. Remington Steel book report. Jeff’s snow driving tips. Black ice. Hummer H2. Getting stuck in the snow. Texting during movies. Grand Theft Auto. The manholes of Liberty City. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Movie theater shooting. Will Rogers. Would You or Wouldn’t You. Things dropped into a toilet. iFart. Stow Police Log.
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